The biggest fish of the world measures 12 meters, it´s herbivorous and feeds of plankton and small fish. And of course it lives in Mexico, especially in the coast of Yucatán and Quintana Roo.


The whale shark is the biggest of all sharks and it is easy to recognize it because of its color and skin type. Swimming close to it is a unique experience in summer, and it is not expesive at all, so be sure to not miss it.

The best places to swim with them are the islands Holbox and Contoy in the Caribbean, and La Paz in Baja California Sur.


If this animal captivated you, here are our best 11 recommendations to go and swim with them:

  1. Take advantage of every minute that you will have while you are swimming with the it.

2. Spend around $1,200 (Mexican pesos) to live this unique experience through using the cooperatives of fishers.

3. Find how to get to Chiquilá and take a ferry to Holbox.

4. Stay in a hotel located in front of the sea, a semi virgin beach (It´s cheaper).

5. Meet people from all over the world in restaurants, boats and beaches.

6. Enjoy a lobster pizza in a restaurant front of the main plaza.

7. Schedule your trip from July or August, you will find more whale sharks in the coast.

8. Recognize the oriental side of Mexico in Cabo Catoche.

9. Do not disturb the whale shark. Please respect the nature.

10. Beware of the mosquitoes in the evening, they are voracious.

11. White shark? You can find it on the beaches located in Baja California.