View of “La M” from el Copete de las Águilas (Chipinque)

Because of its location surrounded by a valley of three mountain ranges, Monterrey has claimed the name of “city of the mountains”. Even without having big mountains, the lowest altitude above sea level allows them to show up as huge mountains and turn into the symbol of the city.

If you think that Cerro de la Silla is famous because it’s the biggest of the city, you better think twice about it. Actually, their peaks make it the 3th biggest, after Chipinque (Sierra Madre Oriental) and Cerro de las Mitras. The best thing about their summits is that there are paths where you can hike and get an amazing view of the whole city.

But that´s not all, if you want to know the highest peak of the city, you must go to Copete de las Aguilas in Chipinque. This will take you about 3 or 6 hours, it depends on your physical condition. From its peak at 2,236 masl, you will have at your feet the south of Monterrey, and if you´re lucky and the day is clear, you can have a view of 56km of distance.

The following picture will show you the highest peaks of the north mountains. You can find them in the downtown of the city.

Here some photos of Chipinque, Cerro de la Silla and Cerro de las Mitras with their peaks.


Source: Datos y numeritos (2011).Montañas más altas de Monterrey.