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Tijuana Renaissance

What makes this city to be #8 on New York Times list of 52 places to go in 2017?

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When Qantas used to fly to Mexico

Currently there are no direct flights between the countries, but 50 years we had the Fiesta Route.

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Whale Shark :: King fish

Come to Yucatan and meet the biggest fish in the world.

Gray Whale :: the giant of Baja California Sur

Come and see the amazing gray whale in Baja California´s coast.

The year that Quetzalcóatl stole Christmas from Santa Claus

Did you know that Santa was about to disappear in Mexico? in order to retake the indigenous roots in December celebrations.

The Highest Mountains of Monterrey

A city surrounded by great mountains that will surprise you.

Where do tourists come to Mexico?

It is not a secret that United States is the main tourism market for Mexico. From our north neighbor (United States) we receive around the 71% of the 34 millions tourists that make Mexico as their destination. In a second... Continue Reading →

Landscapes in Mexico :: See to believe it

Awesome landscapes that you will never think they are in Mexico.

How big is México?

Like Cuba or New Zealand? Or slightly larger than France or Thailand? I often find travelers that underestimate its full size and assign fewer days than desired.

About the Two Californias

Because two is better that just one, there is a California in the US, and another California in Mexico (the old one).

What is “Chilango”?

Pronounced as /chee-lan-goh/ there is so much behind this beautiful word that you need to know.

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